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PhotoADay Challenge – March 2012

 Last month I  posted about doing the February PhotoADay Challenge as set forth by @fatmumslim (a name that still makes me giggle).  In March I did the challenge again and managed to do the entire month (yay me!). 

To make matters even more fun my cousin Nat (@historygal on Instagram) and the fabulous Gen (@genevievearoundthecorner also on Instagram) joined in.  I really enjoyed waiting to see what they would put up each day and seeing their different perspectives on things.  A number of Nat’s photos were from her trip to England which was terribly cool. Gen’s pics always had a creative twist, seeing things in a way that often surprised me.  Plus I was always guaranteed at least 2 likes for every photo 🙂

One thing that annoyed me a bit was that a few people had jumped on the bandwagon, hi-jacked the hashtag and did their own lists (a couple of them even in an identical format!)  This meant when you looked at the hashtag pics often there were unrelated pics in there using another theme.  Good thing @fatmumslim is a savvy chick – she’s introduced a new hashtag for April: #photoadayapril (previous format was #marchphotoaday).

So, this month rather than showing you all the pics I posted (you can see them in Instagram – my user name is @Shaggygirl).  Instead I thought I’d highlight some of the days that were particularly fun and some of the creative responses that people came up with.

Here is the list:

These were some of my favourite days/pics by other players (I’ve left their user names in to credit the pics):

Day 12 – Fork –

This one just made me laugh

Day 20 – Before/After –

classic but delicious

Day 25 – Breakfast– I love seeing what people around the world eat for breakfast.  These pics just caught my fancy.

a Creative use of fruit.

Apparently recovery from a Ministry of Sound outing. Looks like fun.

Day 27 – Your Name – I think perhaps this was my favourite theme of the month.  There were SO many fun ways that people showed their names.  Here’s a sampling but honestly I could have done a post just of this one.     

Day 29 – Feet –

I thought this was cute and creative

A few of my favourites from Nat and Gen:


And my own favourites from the month:

Where you Relax - Ruby my reading chair.

These aren’t part of the challenge but I was proud of them anyway.

Writers Block


April will be a super challenge for me as I am travelling for half of it, so it will be interesting to see what comes out of that!  Hopefully it’ll make for interesting shots. 

Why don’t you join us?  It’s fun.  To help you on your way here is the list, I hope you’ll join in too:


2 thoughts on “PhotoADay Challenge – March 2012

  1. I think I’m going to do this challenge for May. I’ve been doing a photo a day for the year, but I like the idea of having a theme each day. It’s more inspiring then all of my cat photos.

    • You should! It really is so much fun and really it doensn’t matter if you miss a day or two. I really enjoy thinking up different ways to show the theme. Which reminds me…. I haven’t checked todays!

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