Month in a Minute – March 2012


I’m running late with this month’s Month in a Minute due mainly to life.  It’s been extremely busy, so let’s get to it:

Goals Update – No goals update this month because there’s no real change.

Loving – My gorgeous new nephew who arrived a couple of weeks early and tricking us on April Fools Day.  He is the most beautiful baby ever and I’m not even biased 😉  He is named for a Beatle (what could be cooler) and a TV Character.  His name is Lennon Fox.  I’ll be calling him Fox.

As hard as it’s been trying to juggle work and all the family stuff going on (I have no idea how working mothers cope), I have enjoyed being with my sister, meeting the new baby and hanging out with my other nephew (that sounds weird) playing and doing stuff together.

Reading – The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis – I’m a little obsessed with Time Travel at the moment.  I got a pile of time travel books at the Bookfair and am working my way through them.  The Doomsday Book is one by Connie Willis written before the books I just listened to (see below) featuring some of the same characters.  I enjoyed the Audio Books so much I really wanted to read this earlier story which is set in the Middle Ages.   I’m enjoying it so far but I am missing the narrator’s voice.

Listening To – Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis.  This two-part series is about Oxford Historians of the future who, rather than read books about History, live history by time travelling to the era of their choice.  In this case its war time London, primarily the Blitz.  The story moves between 2060 and the 1940s as the Historians try to get to the event they are trying to observe and then get back home.  Being in London while bombs are regularly being dropped is just one of their challenges.  For me it really brought history alive, Connie Willis clearly has done LOTS of research which has enhanced the story no end.  It makes me wonder what era I would go to if I were a time travelling historian.  I just can’t decide.

I can’t finish this section without mentioning the narrator, Katherine Kellgren, who is fantastic.  I first heard her reading the female protagonist in the first of the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan.  That book kept me going on a very long and unpleasant flight.  In this book Katherine is required not only to voice adults but a vast variety of characters, all of which had a unique voice.  Her Binny and Alf characters were my favourite as she got their “I Never!” spot on.  These will be books I listen to a few times.

Watching – I haven’t watched much other than my regular shows and even they are being neglected.  I did, however, go to see The Hunger Games which I really enjoyed.  I won’t say too much here as I’d like to do a separate post on it but I found it pretty faithful to the book. 

Buying – Plane tickets! A friend emailed me and said “I have to take some leave, do you want to go on a trip?”  So we are!  What better thing could there be to spend money on, than plane tickets for a spontaneous trip???

Planning – My trip to Vietnam!  Though there hasn’t been much planning time and we are reasonably organised.  It did involve needles (blergh) but I’m really excited.  We’re travelling from Ho Chi Minh up to Hanoi.  From everyone has told me, it should be fantastic!  I can hardly wait!

Looking forward to – Well obviously it’s my trip which takes up the second half of the month.  I’ve spent the first week with my family, wrangling children, working and just generally being extremely busy.  I’m looking forward to being on actual holidays and having a great new experience.


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