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Sydney Writer’s Festival – It’s On!!


On the 3rd week of May readers and writers from all over the world converge on beautiful Sydney for a week long indulgence in the love of books.  For me this is one of the highlights of the year.  If you want to come and join the fun, head down to the Hickson Road Warf, Piers 2/3 and 4/5 or check out the website to see the schedule to see you there!  Let’s see if I can stick to my 5 book purchase limit (I fail every year).

Site of the festival

Last year’s Theme

Young Adult session with Judith Ridge and Marcus Zuzack

Last year I had the opportunity to meet several fabulous authors such as Kristin Cashore, Cassandra Clare and Anthony Bourdain (in all his dismissive, snarky glory).

Me and Bobby McGee – actually Anthony Bourdain

Cassandra Clare

Kristin Cashore

This year I’m excited to see the fabulous Anita Heiss, the amazing Kerry Greenwood (author of one of my favourite series) and a host of new authors yet for me to discover.  Sadly, Eion Colfer is only doing the schooldays sessions so I wont get to see him.

Additionally last year I did a workshop with Shamini Flint which will easily go down as one of the most fun sessions  I have ever been to.  The workshop and the panel she was on later were absolute highlights for me.  Shamini has such a wicked and self-depricating sense of humour.  Honestly, my stomach hurt from laughing.

Shamini Flint in action

Another highlight for me is the Pitch session where hopeful authors get to pitch their story to a group of publishers.  It’s fun, interesting, embarrasing and informative.  Some of the pitches are amazing and you can’t wait for the stories come out.  Others you can’t understand why on earth these people are standing up as they clearly have no idea what they are trying to say.  You don’t win anything but it’s a great chance to make sure your story is viable and that you do have something to say.  Plus you get great feedback from actual publishers, that’s worth it all by itself.  One year I’ll stand up and I plan to be fully prepared.

Pitch in progress

This young man won the pitching session, his pitch was clear and engaging. Perhaps the next Christopher Paolini in the making.

The pitching room.

Pitch Judges


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