Introducing Soccer Smurf – Version 1.2.1

UPDATE:  There are some issues with this release.  Don’t send your Smurfs on Message In a Bottle quests as many people are reporting their Smurfs going missing.  I lost my bottles in this process halfway through the task list.  I also lost all the bolts I had accumulated  when I updated – one of my games is now asking for 20 bolts whereas the other game only asks for 10.  I understand the issues have been reported to Beeline so we’ll have to see what they come up with.


Beeline have just released their newest update and just in time for the Olympics we get to meet Soccer Smurf!  Ok technically he’s Sporty Smurf but that makes me think of Sporty Spice from The Spice Girls.

To gain Soccer smurf you have to build the pitch, which can be purchased for coins rather than Smurfberries which is good.  The pitch builds in 24 hours and this is what you get:

From here you can play the Soccer game and try to score goals.  This game takes a bit more skill than some of the other games which is nice.  

You can also customise the pitch which will increase the value of each game but all customisations cost Smurfberries, a lot of them so you’ll need to decide what decorations you really want.

Some  other additions in this version include the ability to grow crops on Palm Trees.  You can also visit your friends and boost the 

value of the Palm Tree crops they grow.  Interestingly you don’t need additional smurfs to grow palm crops though it does mean you are using an active Smurf so you will have empty fields which they are growing palm crops. You’ll have to decide which is more important to you.

 The other new thing for the Palm Crops is the ability to harvest them early.  You don’t have to wait the full time that the crops list but that does mean the value of them is reduced if you harvest early.  Still, this can be useful sometimes.

To make life even easier you can also get Wild Smurf who runs around the island.  His function is similar to Nat Smurfling in that you can Plant All and Harvest All for the Palm Crops.  He does not work for regular crops.

Another new item not limited to this update is the Scarecrow offering for 15 Smurfberries.  The Scarecrow will slow down the decay of your crops meaning it lengthens the time before they wither.  The catch is that it only works on the immediate crops around the Scarecrow so if you think it’ll cover 100 fields (like I did) it won’t.  Still, every farm needs a Scarecrow right?

My thoughts on the update:  I like the update though it is primarily contained to the Island.  There’s a new level 47 and Jokey seems to have some new tasks but everything else is contained to the island.  I got Wild Smurf thinking he would function like Farmer for the crops.  Had I realised that he was only for the Palm Crops I may not have spent the 30 Smurfberries but still having the Palms grow things is fun.  I do hope they add a Farmer type function in a future update because hand planting all the crops is a pain when you end up with a lot of fields.

I am currently running two games on separate devices (I was going to stick to one but you know how it is) so I can learn from one to the other.  My original game has a lot of field on the Island and the introduction of the Soccer Pitch, which is pretty large, has made me have to buy an island expansion because I just couldn’t fit everything.

Still this is a fun little update and hopefully Beeline will continue to work on them.  I’m not sure yet if there are any fixes to some of the issues people have experience with the Bottle challenges.  I myself had problems on one game with the Bottle not working.  This update did make me lose all the Bolts given to me by Friends on one game which was annoying – fortunately I didn’t lose the piece I gained from the Bottle tasks.

Speaking of Bolts – I’m now starting from Scratch on both games so if you want to send some bolts my way you can find me on GameCentre as Shaggygirl and also Miss Ginseng.  I’m happy to return the favour.

I’d also really love to hear what you think of the update.  Leave a comment and let me know!


4 thoughts on “Introducing Soccer Smurf – Version 1.2.1

  1. Papa smurf is telling me to have brainy climb the palm tree to find out what’s up there to harvest but, for the life of me I really can not figure out how I’m supposed to I tap the trees and brainy… Friends have gifted me fruits and still nothing?????

    • Tap the base of the palm tree to get the menu for what you can harvest. try enlarging the screen if it’s not working and touch the very base of the palm.

  2. PLZZZZ REPLY FAST. IM TRYING TO REACH THE GOAL KF PLAYING 7 mini games and I need one more that I can purchase with coins.

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