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Quality over Quantity

Maintaining a blog is a bit of work.  Blog posts take time.  I’ve found it takes at least an hour to put out a decent post, especially if it involves fiddling around with pictures (that’s always time consuming) or any kind of research.  To this end my poor blog has suffered a great deal of neglect lately.  None of it is due to a lack of things to post about.  Life has been busy and this has led to a lack of enthusiasm to spend yet more time in front of my computer.

Of course  I am not alone in this situation.  Writers and bloggers alike all go through patches where writing new words seem like more effort than you have the energy to expend.  I wonder how they get past it.  Actually I have a pretty good idea.  They just sit their butt in the chair and write.  In fact almost every writer when asked for advice about writing says “Just Write”  (I have opinions on this advice which will be covered in a separate post).

This all leads me to the main question and the title of this blog?  Is Quality better than Quantity?

See, my initial reaction is definitely going to be Quality is better.  However, when I really wanted to ramp up my blogging last year I set myself the challenge to blog every day for a month.  I met that goal.  It was hard work, no question.  There were days when I really did not feel like writing anything and days I struggled to find things to write about.  Still, I stuck to it and got myself into the regular routine of writing.  I believe that activity helped prepare me for the NaNoWriMo challenge in November where I also met that goal and wrote every single day.

This had been the goal of the blog from the start.  To get me in the habit of writing regularly.  The flip side of this being that you want this process to also improve the quality of your writing, to write things that people want to read (I realise that my Smurf posts are a cheats way to get more viewership but it’s fun).   It’s not even like I’ve done no work on non-Smurf posts recently either.  I have a number of half written posts including two extremely overdue summaries of two days at the Sydney Writers Festival.  Half written being the key term here.

Still, it appears that despite my wish for a nice quiet winter in which I can hibernate and work on the various projects I have on, I have a very busy few months coming up.  My challenge with the blog is not going away anytime soon.

So my question to you dear readers and fellow bloggers.  Should I go for Quality – longer, more detailed posts less regularly or Quantity – shorter, snappier pieces every day? Posting every second day?  Twice a week?  Or a few paragraphs only each day (assuming I can think of  a suitable topic each day).  Should I go for Quantity and trust that this will lead to Quality in due time?

I’d appreciate your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Quality over Quantity

  1. I think this current idea that one should aim for quantity is going to prove to be rather foolish, in the long run. Ultimately, we are not news organizations. We are not reporting on the world, or keeping people updated on moment-by-moment “info.” We’re writing. What we write about might just require time to incubate + research. It seems to me that the internuts are not going away, so we have time. The marketing “plan” that requires everyone to run at a speed that is not only not normal but also antithetical to how long it takes to produce quality is unrealistic. Over time, the only thing that has endured is quality. Quantity gets chewed up and spit out. As a species, we are capable of more than this. 🙂

  2. Twitter is for quantity, blogs are for quality. At least that would be the case if not for Twitter’s too restrictive 140 characters. I see nothing wrong with a mix of the two. Personally I think you should aim for quality, which means fewer blog posts, but allow yourself the freedom to post a two or three line entry if something tickles your fancy that you would like to share.

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