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Smurfette’s Beach House

Land!  Beach houses! Tractors!  Beeline brings it!

Hot on the heels of Soccer Smurf’s update, Beeline’s latest update brings with it a bounty for Smurfette in the form of a Beach house.  Building the beach house allows Smurfette to travel with the boys to the Island and sashay her way around causing Smurf distraction.  In fact, once the house is built you can play essentially a kissing game. When the heart appears over the hut (and you play the game) the Smurfs all go into a love struck state and you try and tap as many of them as you can to get them to snap out of it (at 20XP each).  I wonder how Sassette feels about this? And about Smurfette wandering around the Island in a bathing suit?  Maybe Smurfette should really be called Nymphette.

Another change that I personally am pleased about is the introduction of Farmer’s tractor.  Farmer’s tractor allows you to Harvest All (and Plant All if you have upgraded Farmer’s Hut in the Main Village).  I found the individual planting and harvesting a pain when you have a lot of fields (and you are trying to sneak in a harvest at work).  Like Smurfette’s Beach House, the Tractor is quite expensive ( 25 for the Tractor and 30 for Smurfette). 

The Tractor also gives additional Coins and XP to those fields around it just like with Farmer’s house.  Plus one touch I am particularly fond of is that when you touch the tractor, the nearest Smurf runs to sit on the vibrating tractor.  It’s really quite cute.

Of course one of the biggest upgrades is the Land Expansion.  You can purchase stairs that will allow you to expand up onto the cliff.  This brings some extra land on the beach as well as several additional palm trees.  The wait for the stairs is long as all expansions are, unless you want to pay in Smurfberries.  I love land expansions, it enables you set out your village without cramming them all in together.  Smurfs need space for their daily strolls afterall and once you put the stairs in place they all immediately gravitate up there.

One of the other options available are a Jumping Dolphin for 100 Smurfberries (too rich for me) and a cute swinging chair (which I couldn’t resist).  It’s only available for a short time!

Meanwhile back on the Main Land a new Smurf has joined the family and brought with him a fun game.  Lucky Smurf has a side-show booth in which you select a box and win a prize.  If you aren’t happy with your prize you can opt for another one but it will cost you Smurfberries.  I haven’t tested out if the Smurfberry prizes are better yet  but according to the Beeline site the example of 5 Smurfberries yielded a Credenza and the next option up (10 Smurfberries) was a purple crab.  So far I’ve won the Fire/Pots, a Pine Tree, a Purple Table and a Hay Stack.  Maybe I’ll spend some Smurfberries at some point.

There are a few other things such as the introduction to either Fog or at least ice on the screen when the boat travels to the island.

Finally, one of the big questions was whether or not the update had resolved some of the many bugs that were introduced in the last update – particularly with the Bottle Quests, smurfs going missing and house additions disappearing after the house is moved.  From what I’ve read so far, it seems that they have been but I guess only time will tell.  I hope so because I really want to get Clockwork done on at least one game.  I need 70 bolts for my next part!!! (Feel free to Friend and Gift me!)

So, how are you enjoying the new update?


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