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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

This week’s Photo Challenge is a Fleeting Moment on the Street.  The idea came from a spotlight on street photography.  

 I love street photography.  There is always something interesting to take a shot of if you keep your eyes open.  Still, with the specific theme a Fleeting Moment, the prospect gets trickier (though of course not impossible).  

At first I struggled to come up with something.  What would make for an interesting shot?

Then I remembered a shot I took while on a holiday to Vietnam a couple of months ago.  We were sitting at a local cafe.  By cafe I mean a small table and plastic chairs outside along the path which is the norm in Vietnam.  I had been madly taking photos all day.  A woman walked by with her bike and her daughter perched on the back.  Kids are great to photograph, they are so open and their faces speak volumes, so I took a few shots as they went by.

Just as they passed me, the little girl realised I was taking her photo and turned back with a big smile.  A fleeting but lovely moment.  I hope you like it.


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