Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement

I’m late this week for a number of reasons including the fact I struggled with this one.  I haven’t had time to go and take a photo specifically for this theme so I had to with one I had already taken.

Finally I decided to use one I had taken recently at my brother’s  10 Wedding Anniversary Lunch.  It was held at Poacher’s Pantry where they have a lovely restaurant and do a lot of their own cured meats and so forth.  The food was delicious and despite the cold we all had a lovely time.  

Of course keeping little ones inside and occupied is always a challenge so after we’d eaten I took the lot of them outside and had them running up and down the hill.  Later on some of our friends joined us and he had the kids chasing him around and around.  I have no idea where they all got the energy from.

The photo was only taken with my iPhone as I’d left the good camera inside.  The iPhone struggles with movement but I think this came out pretty well.  It certainly looks like fun.


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