Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth

This week’s Photo Challenge was Growth.  I had a few ideas about this.  The most obvious choices that come to mind are plants growing and children growing but really it could cover so many things.  Personal growth, the growth of ideas even the growth of love.  Of course the challenge is how you would visually represent such things and sadly I didn’t come up with anything and I didn’t have any photos I could use.

So that brings us back to plants and children.  I had an idea for a great photo with kids but the week ran out and now I’m back to plants.

Of course this is actually quite good timing.  In the Southern Hemisphere we are in the last month of Winter.  Spring is around the corner and in places like Sydney there are days when you can almost smell it in the air.

The shot below is of one of my Orchids.  I have to confess that I am not good with Orchids.  I can grow African Violets well but I struggle to keep Orchids alive.  I now have two.  One is growing well but no new growth.  This one has struggled a bit but has some  new growth.  I hadoverwatered it which is a big no no.  It’s on the mend and there are flowers ready to bloom.  I’m concerned about the biggest bud though as it isn’t doing well.  Fingers crossed I can bring it back.

This is the first time I’ve deliberately taken a shot for the Weekly Challenge and I do need to do some work on my Macro shots but I’m quite pleased with it.  You can practically see the veins in the bud at the back.

As I write this though, the clouds have come in, the wind is up and here comes the rain.  Spring feels very far away today.


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