Weekly Photo Challenge – Wrong

I thought some of the other challenges were…. challenging.  This week’s however really required me to think outside the square.  How do you portray wrong?  

Thinking hard there could be many ways – some of which I wouldn’t want to portray.  Honestly, I seriously considered sitting this one out.  Then I remembered a funny sign that I’d taken a shot of while travelling.  When I went to find it though I came across another shot that I knew would be perfect.

The shot below was taken at the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City.  I’m not going to lie to you, the museum is distressing.  Very distressing.  There were pictures of people that are just too devastating even to discuss.  The children affected by Agent Orange in particular.  I had taken thousands of photos on that trip.  I took one shot inside that Museum and this is it.  Not a creative shot, not even using my good camera.  One shot taken with my old iPhone 3.

The look in this man’s eyes speaks volumes about how very, very wrong the whole war was.  That war is in general.  That people can do these things to each other.  That the ingenuity shown by the gentle Vietnamese people was put to such a horrible purpose.  The man in this photo died soon after.  The photographer didn’t make it through either.

All of it so very wrong.


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