Weekly Photo Challenge – Merge

Of all the little “challenges” I undertake on various social media outlets, I think perhaps this is my favourite.  Every week I am forced to look at a seemingly simple word in a new way, using new context and find a way to visually represent it.  Which, of course was the entire point of this weeks challenge MERGE.  The merging of unlikely things together to form something new, something different.

This week I have again gone back to Vivid 2012, the spectacular light show that Sydney puts on each year.  Visual art meets architecture.

The shot below is one of a rather large sequence I took.  The building is Customs House which was constructed in 1845 and is one of Sydney’s Historic Landmarks.  Being a relatively new country (as far as Architecture is concerned anyway) so our “history” is reasonably young.  Still, Customs House has stood the test of time.  It is a beautiful building and just as importantly is still being used today.

There is a wonderful restaurant on top (Cafe Sydney) – I had the most delicious meal there.  On the side is Young Alfred, a more relaxed eatery.  I find the name most amusing because my grandfather’s name was Alfred and my father – who worked in Customs for many years – was called Young Alfred by all my grandfathers mates.  I love little connections like that.

And of course there is a Library.  Who doesn’t love a great library?

While it’s original purpose was to be a focal point for trade, it has a long history of cultural activities which continue on to this day.  One this events is the aforementioned Vivid.  This year Customs House was lit us to great visual effect with the lights telling a story of every day life in the city.  It was fascinating to watch, planes flying across the building, clockwork innards being fixed, people getting ready for work and heading out into the streets.

For me it was a story of innovation and imagination.  Merging (there’s that word) art with architecture, cartoons and culture, light, sound and atmosphere.  I chose this particular shot (out of a good many I had taken) because for me it showed a number of those merging elements.  The graphic street scene lit on the building merging with the real people walking into the building.  The rain in the scene and the clear sky above.  And simply because when your really look there are many, many elements making up the one scene.  did you notice the Helipad?  or the Basketball court?  What about the pool?

It’s art and architecture and story telling and light all rolled into one package.

Hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed taking it.


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