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Children of Vietnam – Part 1 – Hoi An Fishmarkets

In this world where models are the ideal, I find it interesting that the best subjects for photography are kids and old people.  The elderly because they wear their lives on their faces.  Children because they have nothing to hide.  I found that I took a lot of photos of children in Vietnam – and not just children.  So I’m beginning a series of posts each Tuesday.  I call it Travel Tuesday.

This week I’d like to feature some of the children from the Hoi An Fishmarket.

Hoi An Fishmarkets

Our second morning in Hoi An saw us getting up before the sun and heading off to the Fish markets.  I’ll do a separate post on them because they were so interesting but I got a few great shots of the local kids too.

Every day is take your kids to work day.  So many families were there together.  

Having tea with Mum and Dad, hanging out by the fishmarket.

This little cutie was going by on the back of her mother’s bike.  When she realised I was taking photos of her she turned around and gave me a huge smile.  This was one of my favourite shots of the whole trip.



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