Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban

For me this week’s challenge is slightly bad timing.  Tomorrow I start a 4-week Photography course in Street Photography.  Of course, as the challenger (Terence S. Jones) write in his blog outlining the challenge – there is a difference between Street Photography and Urban.  Urban provides the context for Street Photography.

As I didn’t have the opportunity to go out with my camera to get a shot just for this challenge, I had to find one I’d already taken.  I had one in mind but I couldn’t find it anyway.  So I found another one.  There was one sentence in the challenge that is reflected in this photo.  “how people adapt their environment to certain needs”.

On my recent trip to Vietnam, I saw a lot of examples to people adapting the environment to their needs.  Eating on the sidewalk, small barber “shops” on the footpath, even the houses are designed so families can have a “shop front” if they want.  Actually I loved the little barber shops, I thought they were great.  One of the simultaneously amusing and annoying ones were the motorbikes parked on the footpath in such numbers that pedestrians are forced onto the road.

This shot was taken while I was being “driven” around in a cyclo.  A woman on a bike stopped at the street vendor, bought her snack and drove off.  How cool is that?  I’ve always wanted drive-ins to grab milk or bread when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to spend an hour finding a park, waiting in line etc.  Plus everyone riding around on the bikes is awesome.  It was crazy and fun.

While I’ve written this post it has started raining.  Let’s hope it stops before I am out wandering the city streets with my camera tomorrow.


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