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Travel Theme – Red

Red.  It’s my favourite colour.  My nails are red, my hair is red.  Even my car is red.  So it’s something I notice when I am out and about, regardless of what country I am in.  My eye is always drawn to it.

The Huc (Red) Bridge on Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi.  It mean the Bridge of the Rising Sun.  The red really pops against the water and the green foliage around it.  The bridge takes the erstwhile traveller across to the Temple of the Jade Mountain (Ngoc Son Temple) which was built in honor of a 13th Century military leader.

My favourite story though is of Emperor LeLoi had a magic sword called Heaven’s Will.  The sword came him victory against the Ming Dynasty.  According to the Legend the Emperor gave the sword back to the Golden Turtle God in the lake.  I can’t resist a good magical sword story.

Magical stories for a magical place.

And clearly it is a magical place.  I thought I’d come across a photo shoot with this good looking couple.  It turns out the lake is a very popular place for pre-Wedding photos.  There were couples (and bridesmaids) everywhere.  Love was definitely in the air.

Speaking of Love. The Spring Lantern Festival in Hong Kong is informally known as “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.  According to tradition, singles play matchmaking games on what is thought to be an auspicious day.   I can attest that there was definitely love in the air with lots of love notes being pinned up around the festival.  Red, the colour of Love was all around just like the lantern twinkling in the photo above.

Of course my love is well known for the beautiful city I live in.  Here she is all dressed up, strutting her stuff.  Gotta love a Lady in Red.


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