Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far

I’m behind with the Weekly Photo Challenge so I’m playing catchup but that’s ok.  Life gets busy.  The reason I do the challenge is because I enjoy it.  For me it doesn’t matter that I’m behind.  I’m still enjoying the challenge.

I recently started a short photography course focused on Street Photography.  I figure that’s a lot of what you do when you travel, take photos of the people and things you come across while you explore.

Admittedly the course isn’t quite what I expected, being more about the arty side rather than any technical skills.  Also there’s no real photo critique, only positive endorsement when the instructor likes one.  No comment, he’s not a fan.  So you pretty much have to work out for yourself what works and what doesn’t. I have learned that my creative eye needs work.

Still, I got to take some photos in some very cool places and mingle with some other budding shutterbugs.  We’ve compared notes.  Saw each others work.  Got to see see how other people can see the same thing in a different way.  Got to chat about photography in general.    There’s some skill in my group and I’ve learned a lot from them.  I even got a couple of impromptu lessons on some technical things I had trouble with.

One of them was field depth.  I understand how it works now, although I haven’t yet been able to play around with it on my camera to test it out.  So the shots below, taken during our “walk-about”, are not technically correct.  I’m  pretty happy with them though.

This shot was taken while we were shooting in a Graveyard.  The rest of the group were heading off to the next location when a couple of Kookaburra’s decided to come and play.  They danced around on the tombstones, swooping down to nab juicy worms for their lunch.  Naturally they kept a wary eye on me.  Going about their business but when I moved they’d look at me, head cocked as if they were trying to work out exactly what I was up to.

This shot, like many was pure luck.  They positioned themselves.  I’d stayed in place waiting to see what they’d do, snapping away like mad.  So my flying friends gave me a great portrayal of near and far.


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