Blogging is like Exercise

Blogging is like exercise.  It’s good while you are doing it but once you stop it’s really hard to get started.  Really hard.

 My poor blog has been neglected for nearly 3 months.  Oh I had posts in mind to write.  I even started a couple.  Like the usual “Welcome to 2013” and “2012 in review”  Well now it’s the Australia Day long weekend and January is nearly over.   The longer I wait the harder it is to start.  So I’m biting the bullet and getting that first day back at the gym over with (which I should actually do – go the gym I mean).  Here’s a short summary of everything I meant to write.


Yep I finished!  Yay me!  I was miles ahead (so confident was I that I started my Winner! post – it sits sadly in draft, no longer needed) and then suddenly I was behind.  Fortunately I managed to finish on the last day.  I’m happy with what I wrote though I have to admit I haven’t worked on it since.  I’ll just add that to my list of things To Do 😉

2012 -The year that was

Overall I had a pretty good year.  I went to Vietnam on holidays which was absolutely fantastic and in the process made some new friends (which is always nice). 

 I became an Aunty again – twice over.  Two new beautiful nephews, one of whom is the smiliest happiest baby you’ve ever met.  He loves to talk on Facetime and gets quite put out when the phone is taken away.  The other one is too little for all the business of course.  He has, on the other hand carried on the family name for this branch of the family which is nice for my Dad.

Other than that there were lots of other highlights during the year.  I’m planning to do a photographic post summarising the year.  Pursuing photography has been one of the joys of the year, so expect more of it.


Goals, Resolutions, whatever.  So in summary – didn’t make some of the ones I set.  Some of my goals changed throughout the year which was a good thing because I made some excellent progress on some of them including letting go of a lot of stuff I’ve held onto for 20 years.  And by stuff I mean that literally.

Welcome to 2013!!!

 I’m not going to document my goals for this year.  I know what they are.  I do seem to be failing at 2013 so far.  I’ve done some stuff and not done a bunch of other things I wanted to.  Oh well.  Onward and upwards.  Having said that, there’s plenty to look forward to for me including two overseas trips.  Yes, you’ll be hearing much more about that.

So.  I’ve bitten the bullet.  Not a perfect post but the block has been removed and now I can get on with some of the other posts I had planned.  Excellent.


One thought on “Blogging is like Exercise

  1. Hi Shaggygirl, I agree with the gist of what you have written, but the metaphor is wrong. Writing, like exercise, feels good once you have done it, not necessarily while you are doing it. In fact, while you are doing it can be really unpleasant, but the results can be fantastic.

    Of course what you are getting at is that if you stop regular exercise (or writing) it is increasingly hard to get back into it, which is definitely true.

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