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Travel Theme – Curves

Ailsa from the lovely blog “Where’s my Backpack” has a weekly travel theme that she encourages others to join in on.  And you know me, I’m a joiner!  So here’s this week’s theme:  Curves.

In the world of travel, in cities full of tall buildings and straight lines, sometimes you have to look for the curves.  Oh but they are there.  Once you notice them, you’ll see they are everywhere and they are beautiful. 

An artist near Halong Bay creates beautiful designs by hand, working in so well with the curve of the pot.

Nature herself favors curves.  From sloping hills to deep valleys.  Here curved rocks push up out of the water to create beautiful Halong Bay.

In Hanoi this lovely public timepiece is on display as locals and tourists alike walk around the curve of the lake.

In Hong Kong you can ride the cable car from Lantau Island to Ngong Ping Village close to the Po Lin Monastery and the giant Tian Tan Buddha.    In the Village we found this amazing sphere, left over from the Moon Festival.

In shopping malls around the world there are straight lines and curves.  This one in Hong Kong has beautiful curves.

Thanks for the prompt Ailsa, I’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane.  Tell me, dear reader, what curves inspire you?


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